Saturday, August 4, 2012

Steps Down to the Beach

watercolor 14x20

Lunch at Sugar Shack

watercolor 14x21

Artist Statement

Eileen McCullough is a plein air watercolor artist.  She lives in Huntington Beach, California and has made her home town her favorite subject matter.  Her paintings capture everyday life, hiking through the Bolsa Chica wetlands, dining outdoors and walking dogs in Central Library park.  It is the artist’s strong belief that a connection to your subject is imperative for a successful painting.
Eileen has had a busy career as an illustrator.  She has worked in the surf wear industry, N.R.N Designs and Dekra Lite.  During all the years of freelancing she always made time for watercolor painting.  “I was lucky to have access to such gifted artists as Tim Clark, Linda Stevens, and Chris Sullivan.”
While taking classes and workshops she developed her strong style.  Her paintings are saturated with bold color and lyrical brushwork.  Eileen is now working full time as a watercolor artist.  “My formal training as an artist began very young.  My father was a watercolor artist and would take me out on location to paint.  By the time I was ten, I had a sketchbook full of my drawings.”  Eileen was born and raised in Northern California.  “I lived in watercolor country: redwood forest, the jagged coastline, and abandoned farmhouses were everywhere.”
In 1982, Eileen moved to Southern California to attend the University of Long Beach.  After graduating, she made Huntington Beach her permanent home.  “While I loved my new home, I was at a loss as what to paint.”  This changed for the artist when she had her first child in 2000.  Her time was spent playing outdoors with her son.  She discovered the wonderful parks, nurseries and nature centers Huntington Beach has to offer.  “The same beauty I found in Northern California I now see in my own backyard.”  With an endless inspiration for subject matter, Eileen’s future is in watercolor.